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From January 2013, students who have not an access list Academy training at the Dojo of lack of marking and its minimum requirements may not be credited towards required before hours of training for their next rank. Students who do not meet the hours of documented training and minimum test required are not allowed. This applies to all ranks. (December 21, 2012 published here). # — Welcome to the Academy of Samurai to defend police headquarters. The Academy offers courses of self-defense for children 7 to 17 years. The Academy of Police of Samurai aims to provide training in practice self-defence for young people in our communities. You must help the course, students gain self-confidence in learning, knowledge, and skills to better prepared for a physical confrontation in his arms. The following information applies to our intermediate and advanced black belt Academy held classes to the centre of martial arts Shuyokan. Here is a list of the dates of beginning and end of classes, from January 2015. There is usually a break of a week between each session of 12 weeks. Please note that the date of expiry of the registration must be received. Class fee must be received before the dates below. Execution of the late application 15% late fee, added to the registration fee (s). Register in time may lose its position in the child category. All students in the same class or classes currently registered or entered for the session 2015 and classes for 12 weeks. Registration is the duty and responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child, of insurance, which is paid registration for the payment of the class of your child in a timely manner, in order to ensure its position in the class. To manage the growth of students, additional classes can be created in the future to make sure that there is enough space for all students to participate. If you have any questions, consult the dye in the Dojo is Sensei. Date of publication: September 5, 2013. Hawaiian Lua is taught Monday from 07. 7:45.30. This class is open to all parents of young students, recruits and recruits police Samurai has the rank of second Kyu and Crescent. The monthly fee is $ 15 00 for parents, students, currently in the Dojo. Other students, adults and adolescents, training in the Dojo the dojo gloucester karate academy and I want to have to train in this class also monthly fees of $15. 00/students take the panties of black training and black shirts with a spot of Lua provided and must buy the LUA book. Students now have the opportunity to train and test the range Hawiian Kaihewalu, LUA in,. .