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In the dojo of karate, we can begin the education of pupils at the age of three years. As in any sport, it depends on the child. Before each program, experience the pupils in class with a teacher in his capacity, simple kicking and punching are evaluated. This will cause the child to get an idea of what karate is all this. Then, the master will speak with the child and the dojo stamford schedule parents, to find out how the child and those who think as to adults. If comfortable, look to students of Karate lessons for a month and then determined, who want to determine if the child and parents. Age is that it often not any impediment in karate. The karate dojo, we want to achieve your goals. You can work at your own pace, its objectives and will help us to get to know them. Talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program. Although the doctor sets the limits, it is possible that we can adapt our program, so you can always enjoy the benefits of karate. Karate is a sport; It has different risks and dangers which no matter what other sports. In the dojo of karate, we do everything possible to prevent injury. Let's start with the basic movements that increase in difficulty over time up to the body to adapt and develop to meet the challenges. Similar as in other sports, there are different levels of participation. In the karate dojo, there are different programs; Fresh material will vary according to your goals and the education program, you want to know. This is the best plan for a basic course to determine the program that suits their needs. Karate dojo has a certain curriculum must learn. In most cases, we started with one under my belt, but must return quickly to the front for black belt. Schedule an introductory course and welcome them,. .