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Body of work such as massage, yoga, Pilates or Bowen therapy, energy healing, Reiki and healing touch, as meditation with a guide to meditation on our Green Resource Guide to find spiritual healing. Once for a short period of meditation and practice of Reiki, start to change things. Spirit is not only your sense of calm, the world remains.   It is easy to see the reflection of our thoughts and its impact on our world. If we are calm inside, our world will be more peaceful abroad. My choice to keep […]. “ the power of the world works in the neighborhood and around be always looking. The sky is round and I have heard that the Earth is like a ball and therefore all stars. The swirling wind in its larger reality; Birds make their nests in circles, because it is the same religion […]. The report is the mirror in which you will discover yourself. Krishnamurti, ” we are here to create an experience.   There is no other way. Each selection is perfect. It has no errors, the dojo stony plain without incident. You can not have your destination, because its sole aim is to decide who you are. Home […]. Everything! Two are incredibly intuitive, non-marring, compassionate and thoughtful healer! I am therefore very grateful to have you in my life!. I love the Dojo. It is a place that allows me to breathe and remember “ ”. So I learned from me in recent years, thanks to Rob and Lorie at the Dojo. Although I n t ’ ’ s as weeks go home. Love, warmth, […]. Lorie made me feel very welcome and comfortable. It was a new experience for me and it was fantastic. Then, it was a great feeling of being so relaxed! The atmosphere of the place is nice tea is an added advantage. Lorie and Rob are a magnet towards the people of the land. The Dojo is very sensitive and always has been my use of time. Without you I ’ t be where they are today. Dojo restores the balance in my life. I understand that everyone has a wonderful friendly and non-judgmental, attitude. The performances were very informative and delivered in an easy - to - ” ” and professionally. I felt welcome and appreciated. I've had a wonderful day. Thanks a lot. It will never be a meditation, we were nervous and not ’ t know what to expect. Rob has been a quiet presence and made ourselves comfortable. Thanks a lot!. Where to begin? The class and which treat customers in a sensible way. Its genuine concern for the welfare of others. The interior of each one of us the best that we can be of help, is really a gift. Rob and Lorie are some of the most loving people I know. Excellent really someone who cares about the Dojo and the quality of its services,.